Upgrade Your Immunity For the Upcoming Flu Season With Intravenous Vitamin C

As you prepare yourself and your family to survive and thrive in the upcoming flu season, don’t underestimate the powerful immune-enhancing benefits of intravenous vitamin C.

Here, we’ll discuss vitamin C’s protective effect against viral and bacterial pathogens, why intravenous vitamin C is superior to oral vitamin C, and how to supercharge your immune system with Dr. Moma’s vitamin C infusions.

High-dose vitamin C is a dynamic antiviral

Intravenous vitamin C boosts the immune system’s ability to combat viral infections, including COVID-19 infections, by way of several mechanisms:

“Vitamin C can improve the resistance of white blood cells to viruses, has an antioxidant effect, and can induce interferon production in vivo. In viral infections, vitamin C can attenuate pro-inflammatory response, enhance epithelial barrier function, increase alveolar fluid clearance rate, and prevent sepsis related coagulation abnormalities.”

Intravenous vitamin C for preventing cytokine storm in COVID-19 patients

You may have heard the term “cytokine storm” in relation to COVID-19 – a serious immune system response to infection that increases the patient’s risk of death significantly.


Image source: Frontiers in Immunology

Combined with other therapies, research published in PharmaNutrition shown that intravenous vitamin C mitigates the cytokine storm in hospitalized COVID-19 patients:

“”IV Vit-C has been particularly effective by inhibiting the production of cytokines storm… Covid19 pneumonia is an extremely rapidly developing disease with a high mortality rate. The main pathogenesis is the acute lung injury that causes ARDS and death… Appropriate clinical studies and reports demonstrate that a timely administration of high dose IV Vit-C improves the outcome of Covid19 infection.”


Image source: Pharmacalogial Reports

Vitamin C benefits for immunocompromised cancer patients

Oncologists (cancer doctors) often administer intravenous vitamin C to their patients because esearch shows that cancer patients, in particular, are susceptible to a vitamin C deficiency due to a number of factors:

Vitamin C depletion might occur more readily in patients with cancer because of lack of oral intake, decreased bioavailability, increased tissue utilization, and increased oxidative stress.”

Why intravenous vitamin C is superior to oral vitamin C

Anti-aging doctors utilize intravenous vitamin C because data indicates that it is more readily absorbed in greater concentrations than oral vitamn C in pill form:

“An IV administration of Vit-C (500 mg) was found to be more effective than oral administration since a higher blood concentration of ascorbate was found through the IV route.”

And here’s another study on the preferability of intravenous vitamin C over oral vitamin C:

“Oral vitamin C produces plasma concentrations that are tightly controlled. Only intravenous administration of vitamin C produces high plasma and urine concentrations.”

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