Intermittent Fasting: The Gold Standard Weight Loss Diet

Every month, brand new evidence emerges to support the now well-established weight-loss power of intermittent fasting (IF), a time-based eating plan that supercharges metabolism and sheds body fat.

In her clinical practice, Dr. Moma recommends intermittent fasting (in combination with other therapies) to all of her patients seeking to achieve sustainable weight loss.

Here, we’ll get into what intermittent fasting is, how it works, how to easily integrate the practice into your daily routine, and how the practice complements Dr. Moma’s other weight loss therapies like Semaglutide and phentermine.

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

In its simplest form, intermittent fasting means that you split your day into two parts: an eating window and a fasting window.

The easiest way to incorporate intermittent fasting into your daily schedule is called the 16:8 method – meaning that you restrict your eating window to 8 hours each day, most often from, for example, no one to 8 p.m.


The good news is that the time you spend sleeping counts towards your fasting window – so much of the non-eating portion of your schedule occurs during the night.

Although the 16:8 method is simplest and easiest to work into a busy schedule, other methods of IF include:



Dr. Moma is always ready to further discuss the relative benefits and drawbacks of various IF eating plans with her patients.

How Does Intermittent Fasting Power Weight Loss?

Science shows that intermittent fasting promotes weight loss in a variety of ways:

  • Decreased insulin resistance
  • Normalizes the circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle)
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Promotes metabolic flexibility
  • Overall reduction in caloric intake

What Are the Other Anti-Aging Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting, in addition to spurring healthy weight loss, also provides its practitioners a host of other anti-aging health benefits that include:

  • Boosted human growth hormone (HGH) levels
  • Improved mental health
  • Better cholesterol ratios (higher HDL levels and lowered LDL levels)
  • Optimized hormonal health
  • Autophagy (the replacement of old or dysfunctional cells with healthy, fresh young cells)

Intermittent Fasting to Complement Semaglutide Weight Loss Therapy

Intermittent fasting is an essential part of the overall weight loss strategy that Dr. Moma uses to help her patients lose excess body fat and keep it off permanently.

Accordingly, intermittent fasting is most effective when it’s paired with:

Dr. Moma Can Help You Design the Ideal Intermittent Fasting Protocol

To learn more about the weight loss benefits of intermittent fasting and to design the perfect eating plan to achieve your weight loss goals, contact Dr. Sylvienash Moma, DNP.

Dr. Moma has helped hundreds of patients from Colorado Springs and surrounding communities achieve sustainable, healthy weight loss. Here are a handful of before-and-after weight loss photos from Dr. Moma’s real patients:


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