Age-Defying Lip Fillers: Are They Right For You?

Lip fillers are among the most popular of the many services that Dr. Moma offers to patients in her bustling Colorado Springs clinic.

Here’s what you should know about age-defying lip fillers, how they work, and samples of real-world success stories from Dr. Moma’s patients.

What Are Lip Fillers and How Do They Work?

Lip fillers, sometimes called lip augmentation, are a type of dermal filler that adds volume to the lips. The substance utilized in the procedure, which takes between 30 minutes and two hours from start to finish, is a synthetic form of naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid (HA). The result is shapelier, fuller, more youthful-looking lips.

The most well-known lip filler brands in the US that Dr. Moma uses for her patients are:

  • Revanesse® Versa™
  • Restylane® Kysse

The technology behind lip fillers has developed rapidly in recent decades – rendering the procedure in 2022 affordable, safe, and reliably effective.

Let’s briefly take a look at what the science says about lip fillers.

Do Lip Fillers Really Work?

Yes. The science behind lip fillers is clear. For example, consider this Frontiers in Surgery safety and efficacy review of hyaluronic acid (HA) lip fillers:

Lip augmentation with injectable HA is an efficient method for increasing lip fullness for at least up to 6 months after augmentation. Moreover, we found that most AEs of HA treatment were mild or moderate.”

Are There Any Side Effects to Lip Fillers?

As referenced above, side effects due to lip fillers are generally mild to moderate and easily managed. Examples of common lip filler side effects are:

  • Cold sore reactivation
  • Infection
  • Discoloration and tenderness
  • Pain/bleeding at injection sites
  • Tissue death around lips (rare)

Again, the side effects associated with lip fillers are generally Relying on the expert guidance of an experienced provider like Dr. Moma can help prevent and mitigate side effects.

Why Get Lip Fillers?

Patients have a variety of reasons to get lip fillers. Possible reasons include:

  • Restoring lip size that has naturally decreased over time as part of the aging process
  • Correcting the shape of asymmetrical lips
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Smoothing wrinkles

What Results Can I Expect From Lip Fillers?

To get an idea of what results you can expect, take a look at real-life photos from the patients she has treated:




Dr. Moma Delivers Results

Dr. Moma proudly stands behind her track record of success in delivering top-tier, cutting-edge aesthetic services including installing functional, attractive lip fillers.

To review Dr. Moma’s work, take a look at our testimonials and reviews from real-life patients who have received elite healthcare – sometimes lifesaving – from Dr. Moma and her staff.

Contact Dr. Sylvienash Moma

Dr. Moma is Colorado Springs’ leader in age-defying lip fillers. She has serviced hundreds of patients with the procedure with consistently positive results and high rates of patient satisfaction.

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